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Beard Road-O-Phonic, SQUARE NECK, Poplar Body, Loller P-90 and Lollar Gold Foil, Fishman Nashville - NEW

(NEW) Now this is our kind of slide machine!  Produced in very small numbers, the Beard Road-O-Phonic is a solid-body square neck with a distinctive look and only the best in materials and craftsmanship from our friends at Beard Guitars.

This one has a poplar body, ebony fingerboard and a tobacco sunburst vintage satin finish.  The hardware is Beard's satin black "Resolution" style.  The tuners are mini Gotoh.

The pickups are where the fun really gets going!  Lollar P90 in the neck position, Lollar Gold Foil in the bridge position, and a Fishman Nashville spider bridge pickup and on-board Power Chip preamp.  Plug it in, turn it up, let it rip!

Included custom hard case.

Serial #238
AMW Price: $3,700 (Online checkout, Beard 2023 MAP price)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710