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Beard Radio Standard R Model, Round Neck, Black Ice, Finnish Birch - NOS

(NOS) Beard has never stopped refining, innovating and inventing in the world of rest phonic instruments, and their new Radio series has certainly caught our attention!  Rising from the ashes of the beloved Deco Phonic line, the Radio instruments continue Beard's tradition of birch-bodied instruments that combine warm, vintage-inspired tones with a little bit of modern flare.

This round neck Radio Standard is based on the comfortable R body shape, and the black ice finish is moody and modern in all the best ways!  The top, back and sides are Finnish birch.  Ebony fingerboard, and the new Radio-style coverplate looks great in flat black!  Gotoh mini tuners, Beard Legend cone, original #14 spider bridge.  Includes TKL hard case.  

No electronics on this one, folks.  Pure, acoustic goodness.

This is a discontinued model and is being sold as New Old Stock (NOS) without factory warranty from Beard. 

Serial #1477-22
AMW Price: $2,600 (Online checkout, ON SALE!)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710

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