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Beard Maple A Odyssey, Black Ice Finish, Oval-Hole Reso Phonic Guitar - NEW - SOLD

(NEW) While we are always soothed by the languid tones of a beautiful flat-top guitar, we are also known to appreciate some bad-ass-ery, when we can get it... and it doesn't get much more bad-ass than the Maple A Odyssey from Beard in BLACK ICE finish!  This is truly the "Dark Knight" of wood-bodied reso phonic guitars.  None more black. 

Seriously, though, the Odyssey is a CRAZY GOOD sounding instrument, built to have the cut of a reso but also roundness, warmth and tonal complexity somewhere between a flat-top and an archtop.  These are sublime!  Impressive enough acoustically, but plug in the built-in Fishman Nashville pickup and your stage game is going to go somewhere else completely.  

Maple body construction w/ translucent Black Ice finish.  25" scale length with 1 3/4" nut, ultra-comfy C neck shape.  Ebony fingerboard.  Maple body and fingerboard binding.  Two-way truss rod.  Waverly open back tuners.  Beard triple-spun cone.  Includes original hard case.  Awesome.

One of the coolest instruments being made in America today!

Serial #111198
AMW Price: $4,400

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