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Beard DecoPhonic Model 37 Squareneck, Finnish Birch, Jerry Douglas Pickup - NEW - SOLD


(NEW) The DecoPhonic line from Beard represents an incredible value... American-made instruments that have great looks, great sound, and the SOUL of American music, built right in.  These instruments are made with high-quality Finnish Birch laminate construction, and have an old-school voicing and responsiveness that we just love. 

This Model 37 is a spider-bridge, R-body with a handsome full-body vintage sunburst.  It comes pre-loaded from the factory with the popular Jerry Douglas Signature Series pickup by Fishman.  It's ready to rock!  Includes original TKL hard case. 

Serial #DP352
AMW Price: $2,100 (Online Checkout, Beard MAP)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710