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2021 Gibson Historic 1942 Banner Souther Jumbo, Torrefied Adirondack Spruce, Indian Rosewood - USED - SOLD



(USED) We all know that Gibson has produced some of the most iconic guitar designs in history, and it's easy to be blinded by their classic good looks, ignoring the fact that not every Gibson is "good enough" compared to modern interpretations by smaller shops (or for that matter, the best vintage examples.)  Thankfully, it seems like there has been a resurgence in quality coming out of Bozeman in the last few years, and we are happy to report that this 1942 Banner SJ isn't just "good enough" it's actually darned good!!!

This guitar has a thermo-cured (torrefied) Adirondack top, and we have to say, for having Indian rosewood back and sides, it has a particularly dry sound and quick response.  Very satisfying and three dimensional, it has all the guts that one would want from any Gibby jumbo, plus some added depth and overtone content from the rosewood.  

For specs, these are short scale instruments with 1.77" nut widths, a not-too-chunky C shaped neck, and 2 3/16" string spacing at the saddle.  Being a Southern Jumbo, a few appointments diverge from the better known J-45.  The sunburst is instantly recognizable, but the guitar also has parallelogram inlays, a "down belly" rosewood bridge, and a fire stripe pick guard.  The mahogany neck is stained dark to match the rosewood back.  The open-back tuners have cream buttons, and the guitar is finished in a thin nitrocellulose lacquer with aging toner.  

Condition is excellent on this one, no fret wear, no scratches or dings.  Includes original hard case and certificate of authenticity.  

Serial #21221022 (2021)
AMW Price: $4,295 (Online checkout, ON CONSIGNMENT)

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