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2020 Gibson Custom Historic "1952" J-185 Vintage, T.C. Sitka Spruce, Maple - USED - SOLD



(USED) The J-185 small jumbo is one of the great unsung guitar shapes of all time.  We can't quite explain it, but for some reason the world never caught up to this incredibly satisfying and versatile design, a true mid-point between OMs and dreadnoughts that pretty much offers all of the best qualities of both.  For those of use who are around guitars all day, every day, we definitely feel the allure of these J-185 curves!

First introduced in 1951, the J-185 is a scaled-down version of the "King Of The Flat-Tops" the J-200.  It has similar appointments, but is a bit more user friendly with a lighter weight and 16" lower bout.  The tight waist gives it the tonal balance of an OM, but the body depth and lower bout width bring the bass frequencies closer to dreadnought range.  As a result, a small jumbo is a serious "all-rounder" and responds well to most every musical approach.  Thermo-cured (torrefied) Sitka has a quick response, and maple adds a punch and clarity that is hard to argue with.  It's a pretty classic sound, objectively.  

Spec-wise, we have the aforementioned Sitka/maple combo with scalloped Sitka braces and hide glue construction.  Short 24 3/4" scale length with 1 11/16" nut and 2 3/16" string spacing at the cut-through saddle.  Rosewood fingerboard with split parallelogram inlays and rosewood "upside down belly" bridge with Maltese cross inlays.  Gibson calls this neck shape a "V" but it is the softest V possible, for what it's worth, very comfortable.  Gold Gotoh Keystone tuners.  LR Baggs under-saddle pickup.  Includes original hard case w/ key ring and certificate of authenticity.  

Condition is excellent with only the faintest fret wear under the B string in the first position.  No cracks, scratches or dings, and strong saddle height to dial in whatever setup you fancy.

Serial #21940014 (2020)
AMW Price: $3,995 (Online checkout, On Consignment!)

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