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2019 Campanella Dué Two-Point Mandolin, Wide Nut, Speed Neck, Varnish - SOLD


(USED) Wow. This is our first Campanella, and we certainly hope to see more! This is a Dec. 2019 Campanella Dué. Any reader of these pages has certainly heard about these magnificent instruments. With its violin-like aesthetic and impressive mature tone, it takes its rightful and distinctive place among the finest mandolins being built today.

Specs: 2-point (symmetrical) mandolin, with wide pearl nut (1 and 3/16" almost 1 and 7/32") with violin purfling, gold Jescar frets, varnish, nickel Waverly tuners with ebony knobs, engraved James tailpiece, and ebony pick guard.

It comes in a very high quality HARPTONE HPT-320 (F style formed) case with vintage style tolex. It is a perfect and snug fit, to cradle this superb instrument.

Priced at $7,995, domestic Ground shipping included