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2017 Bourgeois Soloist, Italian Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood - USED


(USED) It is never a bad day when a Bourgeois Soloist comes through our doors!  Along with Eric Shoenberg, Dana Bourgeois helped to bring the Orchestra Model out of obscurity in the early '80s, recognizing the comfortable shape as perhaps the ultimate fingerstyle guitar.  We all know that a great OM can do just about anything well, and Dana only makes great OMs.  For his Soloist model, he selects the absolute best materials and builds them with elegant appointments for a heightened guitar experience. 

This instrument was built in 2017, and features an Italian spruce top with hints of bearclaw and some very nicely figured Brazlian rosewood, with a mixture of spider-web and "maiden hair" figuring.  This is the GOOD stuff!  

If you're reading this, then we probably don't have to tell you, but European spruces and Brazilian rosewoods compliment each other perfectly, it's a heady mix of lush yet focused overtones, plus a certain dark, brooding character that works exceptionally well.  This one has a lot of punch and volume, but the tone is also very clean and balanced. 

For specs, we've got a 1 3/4" nut, 2 5/16" string spacing at the saddle, ebony pyramid bridge and long 25 1/2" scale length.  The bridge and fingerboard are ebony, the peghead veneer and heel cap are Brazilian rosewood.  Bridge pins are walrus ivory, and the body binding is Ziricote.  The finish is Dana's proprietary Aged Tone CA-based blend, sprayed to dry super-thin and hard.  The tuners are gold Waverly with ebony buttons.  

Condition is great, with some very light wipe marks on the back and a few relatively inoffensive headstock dings (low ceilings?) that we've touched up for color.  Basically no fret wear.  Includes Harptone cose, lighter than the standard TKL that Bourgeois ships in, but equally protective.  

Serial #7878
AMW Price: $10.295 (Online checkout, ON COSIGNMENT)

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