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2016 Huss & Dalton T-0014, Italian Spruce, Ziricote - USED - SOLD


(USED) From 2016, this T-0014 will impress with its OM-like volume and depth of sound.  

The T-0014 is one of our favorite models in the Huss & Dalton lineup. For a company that built its reputation on powerful bluegrass dreadnoughts, they also seem to make some of the best and most versatile all ’rounders and small guitars out there. Their 14-fret 00 is a great example of that versatility, smaller than an OM and extremely comfortable to hold and play. The volume and bass response is just outstanding for a guitar of this size, rivaling other builders’  larger guitars especially given the precise responsiveness of the spectacular Italian spruce top – just look at the super-fine grain in that top! The guitar seems equally willing to engage fingers or pick, and it does so with charm!

Never played a Ziricote guitar? It is a Central American hardwood that is gorgeous to look at, with unique “spider-webbing” and visual depth and to us, has a fundamental tone that falls somewhere between a fine walnut and some of the harder rosewoods. It conveys more volume and overtone than walnut, but also has warm clarity and articulation. It is always critical to dial in the soundboard with something great (we’ve used Cedar, Redwood, Italian, and Carpathian in the past) and the Italian top chosen for this example is perfect. The best news is that Ziricote is sustainable, and not endangered as many of the exotic rosewoods are.

Other than the gorgeous top and exotic Ziricote back, the cosmetics of this T-OO14 are pretty simple. It has ivoroid body, neck, and peg head  binding, ebony bridge, pins and fingerboard with traditional inlays. It has classic features and traditional appeal. This instrument is short-scale (24.9″) with a 1 3/4″ nut and 2 7/64″ string spacing at the saddle.

If you’ve been looking for a smaller guitar with a very full, exotic, warm and complex yet articulate sound, with couch-guitar comfort and 14-frets clear of the body, you may have found your match in this custom T-0014!

Condition is EX with no fret wear, cracks or dings.  Very light markings on the back of the peghead from use of a clip-on tuner. Quite lovely.

Serial #4570
MSRP WHEN NEW: $6,340... AMW (USED) Price: $4,695

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