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2016 Collings MF5 Varnish, Italian Spruce, One-Piece Maple Back, Tangerine Burst - USED - Nice!


(USED) When Collings was able to manufacture more instruments, we would sell about 40-plus Collings mandolins per year, and we have to say that we got pretty good at it!  We would revel in the experience of flying to Austin to work with Alex and Mark and Bruce and Angela and Steve and Bill at the Collings shop to find the perfect tops and backs for some extra-special instruments.  This is just such an instrument, a highly customized MF5 with varnish finish, unique Tangerine sunburst, and an Italian spruce top.  It was built in 2016 and has now come back to us on consignment.   

Where to begin?  The MF is Collings' Florentine or "F" model mandolin, preferred by bluegrassers and genre-benders everywhere.  The Italian top on this splits the difference, tonally, between Engelmann spruce and the much stiffer Adirondack tops that are usually standard.  It adds a certain throaty warmth to the sound, and extra tonal dimension that most people can hear right away.  By adding varnish, a softer, thinner finish, the top is free to vibrate more readily, for a livelier and more responsive instrument.  

The Tangerine burst on this one is a heart-stopper, especially when viewed on the one-piece maple back.  We had this one bound in tortoise to add contrast and pop.  But why stop there?  The headstock is adorned with a glorious custom fern inlay and is also fully bound.  This mando is no joke.  

Other specs include 1 1/8" nut, tortoise-bound ebony pick guard, Waverly tuners and a special Collings-engraved James tailpiece.  Includes TKL hardshell case.  

Condition is excellent on this one, with a few very light and shallow dings in the varnish, front and back.  Dings did not want to appear in photographs.  Includes TKL hard case with Collings badge.  If ordered today, this fine mandolin would sell for $14,400.

This mandolin is a prize. 

Serial #1654
AMW Price: $11,500 (Online checkout)

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