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2015 Collings SJ, Sitka Spruce, Wenge, Fully Bound - NOS - USED - SOLD


(USED, NOS) This beautiful Collings SJ got a little bit lost in the shuffle.  When we converted to our new website about a year ago, this one didn't get it's glamour shots, and thus didn't get the listing/description.  Well here we are a year later, and it is once again demanding our attention!  Our absence of mind will be some lucky player's gain, since this is a very cool guitar, any way you slice it!

The SJ could be considered the "secret weapon" in the Collings lineup, in that it has all of the volume and presence of a dread, but also the balance and tonal nuances of a great OM.  This particular guitar comes from the era that we began exploring Wenge as a viable alternative to Brazilian rosewood.  It is that, and more, having an extremely focused overtone array, supporting the fundamental and still having great sustain and natural reverb qualities.  It's one of those guitars that you can feel vibrating against your chest.  We chose the Sitka spruce top as a logical pairing, adding warmth and not needing a tremendous amount of pick energy to feel the benefits.  

Spec-wise, we have a 1 11/16" nut on a mahogany "C" profile neck, with 2 3/16" string spacing at the saddle and a full 25 1/2" scale length.  2-style appointments include a 3-ring rosette, but we've gone and upgraded to a fully-bound neck and peghead, and just for kicks, rope purfling instead of herringbone, and a 3-style marquetry back strip.  The ebony fingerboard has the standard SJ "sting ray" inlays, with matching peghead flourish.  The tuners are nickel Schallers.  

The SJ does everything well, from strumming to picking to flatpicking.  Do a little Googling on Wenge and you'll see some pretty strong testimonials... it's not much to look at (perfectly quartered, consistent grain orientation) but it do sound good!!!  Includes original TKL case.  

Serial #24831
AMW Price: $4,875  (NOS, sold without warranty card)

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