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2013 National Style 1 Tricone, Brass Body, Resophonic Guitar - USED

(USED) One of National's most iconic models, the Tricone, as the name implies, draws its tone from three separate aluminum cones, linked together by a spider bridge.  Invented in 1927, these brass behemoths pack a lot of weight, but also a lot of tone!  

To our ears, the Tricone is less brash and more complex sounding than single-cone designs, but still has the volume and cut that is expected from resophonic instruments.  

Brass body and cover plate, nickel plating all over.  Mahogany neck with bound ebony fingerboard, 1.8" wide bone nut.  12 frets clear of the body, 19 frets total.  Condition is excellent with some minor smudging.  Weight is 9lbs 6oz (not for the faint of heart!)  Includes original hard case.  

Serial #18419 (2013)
AMW Price: $3,995 (Online checkout)

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