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Custom Bourgeois Blues, Slope D, Claro Walnut, Short Scale - NOS

(NOS) We are taking special pride in being the only “stocking” dealer for the unique and bad to the bone “Bourgeois Blues” model from our Blues buddy, "Devil Dog" Dana Bourgeois, in Lewiston, Maine. These custom slope D’s from Mr. B. are a bit of a secret weapon. They have that woody “hog-top” warmth and sweetness but they also have surprising volume and fullness. They are a great singer-songwriter’s guitar in addition to being perhaps the ultimate large bottleneck blues (Hello Ry Cooder!) guitar.

It is, after all, a short scale X-braced slope D, this one with Waverly tuners, 1 and 3/4″ nut, ivoroid logo in a satin finish Ziricote peghead overlay, HIDE GLUE, and some (long awaited!) super-special highly figured CLARO WALNUT! The wood is highly figured with some subtle sapwood at the edges and center. Very organic. The walnut, we find, is slightly warmer, and a bit more reserved than mahogany, but with a bit of complexity that mahogany lacks. If you’ve already got the mahogany version, the walnut version will keep you occupied as we build you the koa version! Oh, the humanity!! A chime-y, singing blues guitar that likes to be driven aggressively (not that we advocate aggressive driving) and rewards the operator with superb thwack, zap, and dry shizzle. You’ve been warned.

Being sold as New Old Stock (NOS) without warranty card.  

Serial #6331
New List Price: $6,650…  AMW Price: $5,385 (ON SALE!)

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