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2012 Kevin Kopp AJ, Adirondack Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood, Sunburst - USED - SOLD


(USED) Built as a direct competitor to Herringbone D28s, the Advanced Jumbo was Gibson's attempt to match the power and depth of tone of Martin's flagship model.  Many Gibson enthusiasts would say that they more than succeeded.  Whereas the short scale J-35 and J-45 models are known for their warmth and sweetness, the AJ is known for being big and bad!  

It's no surprise that Kevin Kopp makes an extraordinary interpretation of this coveted guitar, and we're pleased to have this Brazilian rosewood AJ model from 2012 to offer.  This one was no case queen, it has a few nicks and dings, some light wear around the sound hole and a bit of lacquer chipping about the peg head.  There are also a few capo marks (not dents) on the shaft of the neck.  The good news: this instrument is ready to serve, and the new owner should have no fear of playing it with gusto!  Playing condition is superb, with almost no fret wear, nice action and a tall bone saddle. 

The top is Adirondack spruce, the back and sides are Brazilian rosewood, and you'd have to be wearing a welding mask to miss Kevin's gorgeous hand-rubbed sunburst!  1 3/4" nut, 2 1/4" string spacing at the saddle, long 25 1/2" scale and a comfortable C neck profile.  

No modifications except for a gold strap button, in the correct location.  Includes original hard case.  

Serial #1225212
AMW Price: $6,695

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