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2011 Martin OMM John Renbourn Model, Alpine Spruce, Madagascar Rosewood - USED - SOLD



(USED) John Renbourn was one of the greatest fingerstyle guitarists of all time, from blazing jazzy trails with Bert Jansch in Pentangle to his forays into early and midieval music, his playing cast a wide net.  Early on, Renbourn was most associated with Gibson and Guild guitars, but began using OMs in the '70s and '80s and continued using them until his passing in 2015.  

This Martin OMM Custom Artist Edition has a lush sound and some cosmetic appointments as unique as Renbourn's playing.  The top is tight-grained Alpine spruce, and the back and sides figured Madagascar rosewood.  The mahogany neck has a medium sized modified "V" shape, with a 1 3/4" nut and 2 1/4" string spacing at the saddle.  Traditional long Martin scale length, 25.34" makes it great for dropped tunings.

From a few feet away it looks like a pretty traditional Martin Orchestra Model, but up close it has many distinctive details.  Small-chevron herringbone purfling on the top, a pyramid bridge, geometric star fingerboard markers, and a slotted headstock with unicorn inlay.  The label is signed by Renbourn, this is the 23rd example produced. 

Condition is excellent with an easy playing action and no structural issues or fret wear.  There is a small ding in the herringbone near the tail block, very hard to spot.  Includes original hard case.  

Serial #1496070 (2011)
AMW Price: $4,695 (Online checkout, ON CONSIGNMENT!)

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