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2010s Pisgah 11" Possum Custom, A Scale, Half-Fretless, Maple - USED


(USED) Our friends at Pisgah have taken the banjo world by storm, creating excellent old time banjos with features from the innovative to the timeless, all while operating a carbon-neutral shop.  This custom Possum is from when Patrick and a small team were just beginning to cement their reputation.

It's a half-fretless, with a brass plate running the length of where the first seven frets usually are.  After the plate there are 8 frets before the scoop.  The rim and neck are maple, the fingerboard is persimmon.  All hardware is aged brass, and this one was also upgraded to a goat skin head for a mellower tone.  This is a shorter A scale instrument, so standard tuning is open A (vs the usual open G.)

Condition is excellent with no issues.  Includes hardshell case. 

Serial #1101
AMW Price: $2,000 (Online checkout, on consignment)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710