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2010s Collings UC2 Custom, Doghair, All-Mahogany - USED - SOLD


(USED) If you know, you know.  Here is a rare prize, a mahogany Collings concert uke in their distinctive "Doghair" finish!  Collings has discontinued uke production, with no plans to restart in the future... so the few examples that come up on the used market usually get snapped up pretty quickly.  This one is just so... much... FUN!

Based on the early Martin ukes, Collings' version is feather-light, highly responsive, plays and intonates like a dream.  There are as many steps in making one of these little bad-boys as there are in making a guitar, and Collings' attention to detail shines in the presentation.  Mahogany all over with head-turning "Doghair" finish, achieved by adding white pore filler under black stain.  Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, perloid headstock overlay with etched Collings logo, geared tuners.  

The sound is lively and clear, and also loud for its size.  Condition is EX+ with no issues whatsoever.  Bill Collings didn't make these for the money, he made them because, like everything else he did, he knew that he could make it better than the rest.  Includes original hard case.

Serial #407
AMW Price: $2,599 (ON CONSIGNMENT!) 

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710