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2010s Chuck Lee Custom 11" Open-Back Banjo, Maple, Laydie Tone Ring - USED


(USED) Chuck Lee banjos never fail to put us in a good mood!  This truly elegant and lively custom banjo has a robust combination of features.  It has a highly figured curly maple rim and neck, a Whyte Laydie tone ring and a headstock reminiscent of Chuck's Rose Hill model.  The sound is plucky and properly clucky but also has some metallic "electric" sizzle and cut to it, and we think the bracket band adds some nice sustain.  

With its scalloped 1 1/4" nut, maple neck with boat heel, ebony fingerboard with spikes on 7, 9 and 10, offset peal dot position markers, and wire armrest, Pegheds tuners this banjo looks like something that would be at home in the 1900s or the 2000s - and will look at home when your grandchildren's grandchildren also enjoy it.  

Excellent condition with no issues!  Includes original hard case.

Serial #423
AMW Price: $2,500 (Online checkout)