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2010 Gibson Custom Shop J-35, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany - USED


(NEW) If you've been watching the website over the last couple years, you may have noticed that we've softened our stance on Gibson a little bit.  We used to bemoan them as being "consistently inconsistent" and didn't have a lot of good things to say about their modern instruments, but we've played enough great Bozeman guitars recently to really turn us around on the subject.  Indeed, Gibson are still honoring their legacy in the modern era, with wonderful sounding flat tops being the norm rather than the exception.

This Custom Shop J-35 from 2010 is just such a guitar, it has the thump and dynamic lower midrange that we expect in a nice jumbo, it really fits the bill.  This is a perfect singer/songwriter guitar, but likes flatpicking and fingerpicking, too.  It has an Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back/sides/neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge and a traditional cut-through saddle.  The nut width is 1 3/4" and the string spacing at the saddle is 2 3/16".  Short scale, of course.  It has Grover open-back tuners and the Custom Shop decal on the back of the peghead.  

Condition is very good, with some pick swipes in the are of the pick guard, but no deep dings, scratches or wood cracks to be found.  There is a long lacquer check extending from the bridge wing on the treble side, not showing up in photographs. Only the faintest hint of fret wear under the unwound strings.  Includes original hard case.  

Serial #03559013 (2010)
AMW Price: $3,195 (Online checkout, ON SALE, on consignment!)

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