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2010 Eastman AR910 Archtop, Carved Spruce Top, Carved Maple B/S - USED - SOLD



(USED) There's just something about a big beautiful archtop.  At 17" across the lower bout, this AR910 definitely has size on its size, but it is surprisingly light on its feet for being such a big boy.  This is Eastman's top of the line, pulling out both thick, chunky chords and crystal clear leads with ease.  This guitar is fully acoustic, and has never had electronics, so it will suit a jazz or swing purist who prefers to play into a microphone (or into the air!)

Carved spruce top with solid carved maple back and sides.  Classic violin burst finish with maple binding and triple top purfling.  Multi-piece maple neck with ebony back plate on the flared peghead.  The scale length is 25", the bone nut is 1 3/4" and the string spacing is 2 1/8" at the compensated ebony saddle.  Bound ebony fingerboard with no inlays.  Nitrocellulose lacquer finish.  

Condition is excellent with no significant dings, scratches or structural issues at all.  The frets look basically untouched.  Includes fiberglass hard case.  

Serial #7614 (2010)
AMW Price: $2,195 (Online checkout, ON CONSIGNMENT)

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