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2010 Collings MF Gloss Black Top, Engelmann Spruce, Flamed Maple - USED


(USED) How nice to be able to offer this played-in but well loved MF, built in 2010 and signed by Bill Collings!  Just like he did for acoustic guitars, Collings set the standard for small shop production of mandolins, built with the best materials and no compromises.  

This one has an Engelmann spruce top, with glossy jet black top finish added.  The back and sides are nicely flamed maple, satin finish.  Standard 1 1/8" nut width.  Tasteful armrest added. 

The condition is very good, with are various shallow wipe and pick marks on the top, but no deep dings or deep scratches.  A bit of very small lacquer checks on the headstock, some shining from a clip on tuner on the rear.  There is moderate fret wear commensurate with age, not ready for a re-fret, though.  Includes original TKL case. 

Very nice sound, and cool as anything in BLACK!

Serial #1182 (2010)
AMW Price: $4,495 (Online checkout, on consignment)

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