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2008 Rockbridge Guitar Company Dreadnought, Adirondack Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood - USED


(USED) We've handled a few Rockbridge guitars over the years, and we've found them to be very fine instruments.  To our ears, they don't have a slavishly traditional voice, there is a nice roundness to the bass and also a more articulate midrange... a boutique-y voice, if you will.  

This special dreadnought was ordered with the best materials available in 2008, and has some excellent Adirondack spruce with faint streaks of bearclaw, and the Brazilian rosewood is old growth and nicely quartered, dark as can be.  Very nice!  It has elegant koa binding on the body, neck and peghead, but is otherwise very understated, letting the woods speak for themselves.  The dark ebony fingerboard has no inlay (there are pearl side dots, don't worry!) and the guitar has a simple black/white/black purfling scheme on the top and no back strip.  The mahogany neck seems to have a modified oval shape, with 1 3/4" nut and 2 1/4" string spacing at the saddle.  The tuners are open-back Waverly.  

Condition is excellent, especially for a 14 year old guitar.  Very light fret wear under the B string, a few very shallow dings (you might never find them) on the top, a bit of finish dulling on the bass side at the lower bout, and some slight lacquer discoloration in the same area on the top.  Clean bluegrass action with medium strings and plenty of saddle height, can be set up to play any number of ways.  Includes fiberglass case.

Serial #179/08
AMW Price: $6,695 (Online checkout, ON SALE, on consignment)

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