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2008 Phoenix Europa II, Two-Point Mandolin, Wide Nut, One of Six! - USED - SOLD


(USED) Boy, do we miss Phoenix Mandolins.  This unique and innovative brand used to occupy a very special place in our high-end mandolin offerings, with a voice and a look all their own.  Indeed, back when Rolphe Gerhardt was making these in his Maine workshop, we would savor every Jazz Model or NeoClassical that we could get our hands on.  For our local mandolin orchestra alone, they were extremely popular.  Now that Rolfe is retired and the Phoenix brand is finished, each instrument that comes through our shop is like a unicorn.  Speaking of unicorns...

Here is a VERY special instrument, the extremely limited Europa II.  Based on the same two-point format as the Pheonix Neoclassical, the Europa had a few features that set it apart (from pretty much everything!)  It has a European spruce top and rare Sycamore maple back and sides.  The two-piece bridge is certified "Timeless Timber" with the bass originating in a log recovered from the bottom of Lake Superior.  The instrument has a smooth look with no top or back binding, and the fabulous addition of a sound port on the bass side, giving the player another window into the sound of the mandolin.  Gorgeous unicorn inlay on the ebony pick guard, and the tail piece cap, fingerboard and peghead overlay are all dark ebony.  1 3/16" (wide) nut width.  

One of the secrets of the beloved Phoenix sound is that their instruments are built and voiced to run flat wound Thomastik Infeld strings, made in Vienna.  The combination of all of the above results in a crystal clear and perfectly balanced voice that is probably not your first choice for the bluegrass jam, but pulls far ahead in jazz, classical, folk and orchestral playing.  A feather pickup with endpin jack comes standard.  

Condition is excellent with very minimal fret wear and no notable dings or scratches.  Also includes original hard case, also made by Rolfe in the Phoenix workshop.  

One of only six ever built in this series, you're not likely to see another one come up for sale any time soon!  

Serial #485 (2008, one of 6 Europa II mandolins)
AMW Price: $4,995 (Online checkout, ON CONSIGNMENT)  SOLD

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