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2008 Collings D42 BaaaA, Adirondack Spruce, AAA-Grade Brazilian Rosewood, Torch - USED - SOLD


(USED) Well, let me come clean: When I knew I would be reviewing this 2008 Collings D42BaaaA, I collected my thoughts and readied a plethora of descriptive superlatives, as I knew I’d be tossing about terms like “biggest,” “baddest,” “prettiest,” and softer descriptors like “spectacular,” “magnificent,” and “badass.” Let’s not forget “collectible,” “investment-grade,” and “heirloom-quality.” Well, gulp. It's all that and more.

Now, someone who doesn’t own a thesaurus might just say “It is what it is...” and he wouldn’t be wrong. It is a trophy for a life well lived. 

Imagine Bill Collings and his small crew of talented builders back in 2008 being presented with this Master-grade (AAA) set of Brazilian RW and matching it to as nice a set of Adirondack spruce as we’ve ever seen, the likes of which we don’t see anymore...

And then there’s the abalone, and then there’s the torch. But at the end of the day, there is the tone. It's got every ounce of sparkle and growl and overtone and shimmer that you’ve come to expect from the classic Collings build and the classic Collings BVW voicing. Add to that the fact that this fine guitar has been owned and played by a World Class (contest level) Texas flat picker with impeccable chops, good taste, and abundant good sense. 

All foolishness aside, this guitar is the Holy Grail for someone looking for a modern D42 with unobtainable tone woods (Dalbergia Unobtanium) in excellent condition. It comes packed in its original (2008 TKL) Collings case, but we’d be glad to discuss a nice friend-of-the-family deal on a new Calton flight case, if the buyer is so inclined. 

And needless to say (so why is he going to say it?) this guitar CANNOT be shipped overseas. It is offered for sale in the USA only, with free expedited shipping and no sales tax outside of PA! 

For those who ask to be called when something very special arrives: consider yourself called. 

Serial #14811
AMW Price: $14,995 (SOLD E.C.)

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710