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2006 Collings City Limits Deluxe, "NAMM #1", Quilted Maple, Mahogany - USED - SOLD



(USED) From 2006....  Journey with us, back in time, as your humble narrator relates his tale. We walked into the Austin Convention Center for Summer NAMM 2006 and made a beeline, as was (and is) our NAMM Show custom, for the Collings booth to see what the wizards in Austin had whipped up for us in acoustic guitars and mandolins. Ah, but this was no normal year. In 2006, Collings surprised, gobsmacked us, with a wall of amaze-balls electric guitars! 

I could stop here, and say “..and the rest is history,” but no, there is much more to tell. I remember saying to Bill Collings: “...But, Bill, we call our shop ‘Acoustic Music Works’ and he replied with a grin and a growl: “well, it sounds like you may need to consider a name change!” :-)

We took our turn, with the other dealers, and in the end, agreed to purchase as many of the electrics as Collings would let us have. The next year, *Acoustic* Music Works sold forty Collings *electric* guitars!  :-0 

Well, fifteen years later, we continue to sell Collings electric guitars and have never looked back. Name change be damned, Acoustic Music Works went *electric* on the strength of the Collings brand. As the years have passed, we’ve seen our share of the electrics come and go. And let’s be honest...there was something clearly special that immediately established their place in the market for the “early” ones as they had Bill’s DNA all over them, and while some features and specs have changed, most of what we saw that day in Austin has *stood the test of time.*

OK, cut to the chase?  We’ve got one of the originals here, back on consignment, for sale. Not just *one* of the originals, mind you, but NAMM #1, the crimson CL Deluxe with quilt maple top -shown in the NAMM photo off to Bill’s right. Numero Uno, that’s what I’m talking’ about! 

Knowing Bill as we did, it brings a wistful tear to include and re-visit that photo, with Bill - proud papa - sitting there among his creations. The man’s body of work speaks for itself, but this event was special, and this era at Collings was special. And this guitar is special.  

While we could justifiably set the price on this fine collectible piece of Collings history very high, that’s not how we roll. We want a guitar player and Collings enthusiast, not Elon Musk, to buy this, and play this. While this guitar has museum and Hall of Fame credentials, its been played, and we’re offering it at the same price as a new 2022 quilt-top Collings CL Deluxe would sell for, $8,500

Wanna own a piece of Collings history? 

Weight: 8 lbs, 3 oz.  with original (TKL, not Ameritage) case, Sperzel tuners (original) 

Serial #CL6034 / NAMM #1

For more information, email or call (412) 422-0710

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