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2005 Old Wave A Model Mandolin, Oval Hole, Curly Redwood, Mesquite - USED - SOLD


(USED) What do we have here? Oh, Boy! 

We’ve got the privilege of handling this wonderful circa-2005 Old Wave oval-hole mandolin. It was artfully crafted by Bill Bussman, a New Mexico luthier known for great sounding, often unconventional looking mandolins. This instrument was made as part of a pair of special orders (we also have a matching Old Wave C# mandola) built with native-New Mexico hardwoods. The back, sides, and neck are desert Mesquite, the top is curly Redwood, and the bridge, fretboard, and peghead veneer are crafted from desert Ironwood. The tuners are gold-plated Schaller with pearloid knobs, also gold plated is the one piece cast tailpiece. 

The mandolin has the classic warm and open sound of an oval-hole, with extra warmth from the Redwood top. A sweet mandolin, for sure, perfect for Irish sessions or old-time or classical music. 

Sadly, Bill Bussman passed away recently but before he died, we had a nice chat with him about this set of instruments, built, as they were, for the deceased brother of a client of ours. We are selling the instruments on consignment to help settle the estate. 

Serial #363 (2005) 

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