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2003 Huss & Dalton CM Custom, Engelmann Spruce, Figured Walnut - USED - SOLD


(USED) This guitar dates back to the earliest days of our shop, spec'd by us and sold originally to a great local songwriter.  Now, twenty years later, that player is downsizing their collection of instruments and we get to represent this beautiful guitar once more!  

The CM is an original Huss & Dalton shape, meant to hit the sweet spot, both in comfort and tone, between small and large guitars.  The outline is not unlike a 000, but it has a deeper body and vibrates at a lower resonant frequency... making it something of a mini-dreadnought in a lot of respects.  This example has a 12-fret body joint and a cutaway, so it's something of a "best of both worlds" situation: the enhanced bass response of 12-fret bridge placement and upper fret access thanks to the cutaway.  The Engelmann spruce top has aged to a welcoming golden color, and has a variety of dings proving that this guitar has served time as a real world musical tool.  

The figured/flamed walnut is a visual treat, a beautiful book-match with plenty of visual depth.  For players who are new to walnut as a tonewood, we consider it quite underrated!  It has a strong fundamental, similar to mahogany, but ample sustain and well controlled overtones.  It works quite nicely on the CM.  

Specs: this is a short 24 7/8" scale guitar, with 1 3/4" nut and 2 1/4" string spacing at the saddle.  It has a relatively low profile modified "V" neck, with a bound ebony fingerboard that is free of inlay, save for a flourish at the octave.  The cosmetics are clean and elegant, simple one-ring abalone rosette, b/w/b top purfling, maple binding and zipper back strip.  The slotted peghead sports nickel Waverly tuners with ivoroid buttons.  

The condition is very good for the age of the instrument, with assorted dings on the top and back, light finish chipping on the rear of the peghead, light fret wear on the unwound strings, and some swirl/button marks on the back.  Mechanically, the guitar is as good as ever, the saddle is still nice and tall.  An basic under-saddle pickup is installed, with endpin jack.  Includes original hard case. 

Serial #648 (2003)
AMW Price: $4,000 (SOLD)

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