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2003 Beard Model E Maple, Violin Sunburst, Fishman Pickup - SOLD



(USED, EX!) If you've been waiting for a very special square neck to come along, this is it... a time capsule of a Beard Model E Maple, with a gorgeous "violin" sunburst finish.  This thing radiates vibe and authority, and of course sounds as good as it looks.  

It has come to us on consignment from the original owner (who bought it from us brand new in 2003!) and honestly, it looks like it has never been touched, save for a tiny bit of tarnish on the cover plate.  With brand new D'Addario Reso strings, it's sounding bold and beautiful.  If you've been sleeping on good old flamed maple as a tone wood, this Model E is gonna change your mind.  

Comes with original Fishman pickup, Schaller tuners, not fret markers but *actual frets* on an ebony board, and the legendary Beard hand-spun cone (with all associated TONE!)  It's an absolute prize.  Includes original tweed covered hard case.  

No photo tricks, folks.  The guitar really looks this good!  A top of the line "dobro" from the great Paul Beard.  

Serial #02053 (2003) 
AMW Price: $3,399 (Online checkout... ON CONSIGNMENT!)