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2000 Huss & Dalton DR-H, Sitka Spruce, Indian Rosewood, A Player! - USED - SOLD



(USED) Oh boy!  We've got a live one here!  If you've been waiting for a premium small shop guitar, completely played in, mojo-infused... please read on!

We sold this Huss & Dalton DR-H back in the early days of our shop, and it is the very guitar that started our love affair with the fine folks in Staunton, VA.  Their spin on the traditional square-shouldered dread, the DR-H brings some thoughtful innovations to the table.  The top and back have a sharper radius, making them more stable.  The sound hole is enlarged, tempering the bass and unifying the EQ of the guitar.  They had a winner on their hands even way back when, and it continues to be a brisk seller in our store.  

Spec-wise, what we've got is a square-shouldered (Martin tradition) dreadnought with Sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides.  Forward-shifted, scalloped Adirondack spruce bracing.  Long 25.4" scale with 1 23/32" nut and 2 1/4" string spacing at the saddle.  Maple body binding and butt wedge, herringbone top purfling and rosette.  Ebony fingerboard with long-pattern diamond inlay.  Gold Schaller closed-gear tuners.  Tweed-style hard case. 

Indications of playing?  Oh, it has a few... Actually, it has a great many!  This guitar has been lovingly played for 20 years now, and there are pick scratches and dings all over the top.  Scuffs and finish dulling scattered all around the guitar.  Some lacquer chipping about the peg head.  There is moderate fret wear under the unwound strings, still not ready for a dressing.  So that's the "bad" news (if you want to call it that.)

The good news is that the guitar is structurally PERFECT with no cracks, deep dings, body distortion or anything else you might be worried about.  The shaft of the neck is free of dings and capo marks.  The action is EXCELLENT with medium strings, 5/64" on the bass side and 3/64" on the treble, it plays like a dream!  There is generous room left on the saddle... this guitar may never need a neck set if it stays on its current track!  

A very cool piece that has spent a couple decades with a good friend, and now could be shortly on its way to you.  

Serial #275 (2000)
AMW Price: $2,995 (Online checkout)

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