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1998 Taylor 914-C, Engelmann Spruce, Madagascar Rosewood, Taylor Case - USED - SOLD



(USED) As it approaches its 25th birthday, we might just start referring to this guitar as a "vintage" Taylor!  Built in the era of unprecedented growth for the brand, this Grand Auditorium was Bob Taylor's top of the line at the time.  At just under 16" at the lower bout, the 914 goes places that OMs and dreads can't, and has become one of the most copied guitar designs of all time in the last couple decades. 

This instrument has an Engelmann spruce top and straight-grained Madagascar rosewood back/sides.  It has bling to spare, with an abalone top border, rosette, and pearl around the fretboard extension.  The ebony fingerboard also has elaborate pearl inlay, not quite a "vine of life" but many would find this more understated and elegant.  Other cosmetic appointments include rosewood binding (including bound sound hole) and vivid red back and side purfling.  

Low-profile mahogany neck with 1 3/4" nut and 2 3/16" string spacing at the saddle.  Long 25 1/2" scale length.  Gold closed gear Grover tuners.  Cutaway for access to the upper frets.  No electronics.  

The condition is very good for a nearly 25 year old guitar.  There is very light fret wear under the unwound strings.  The action is 3/32" on the bass side and 2/32" on the treble, with ample saddle height and break angle.  There are some cosmetic imperfections worth mentioning: the entire guitar displays some finish sinkage, which is especially prevalent on the face of the peghead.  There are a handful of shallow dings on the top, nothing through the finish.  There is some finish lift on both sides of the heel, perhaps the neck bolts were overtightened at some time (see pictures).  All of these are purely cosmetic and don't effect the sound or playability of the guitar. 

Includes Taylor-made hard case, also in very good condition.

Serial #981111137
AMW Price: $3,395 (Online checkout, ON CONSIGNMENT!) 

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