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1994 Gibson Roy Smeck Radio Grande, Limited 100 Year Centennial, Sitka Spruce, Rosewood - SOLD


(USED) Ah, the mighty Smeck jumbo!  These guitars hold a fascination for many players.  You take an already wildly popular guitar like Gibson's jumbo, slope-shouldered design, and make it a twelve-fretter for more bass thump and a cozier feel.  What's to lose?  Two notes near the octave?  Trust us, you'll still be able to reach them!

All kidding aside, this is a great singer-songwriter guitar with lots of personality and no small amount of mojo.  #50 out of a limited run of 100, this guitar had its 25th birthday last year and continues to get better and better.  Sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides, 3-piece neck with "skunk stripe" and a vintage "V" profile like they had back in '34.  1 3/4" nut with 2 3/16" string spacing at the saddle.  Rosewood fingerboard and bridge, plastic pins and cream plastic binding.  

Working condition is excellent with a nice tall saddle and minimal fret wear, but there are some cosmetic imperfections.  There is some finish separation along the centerline on the back (pictured) as well as lots of finish sink around the inlay on the peghead.  There are a few small finish chips around the peghead, and one "fish eye" on the heal.  There are small instances of finish checking here and there on the sides of the guitar, and a few small dings, including one at the soundhole.  Includes original case and documentation.  

Serial #90664018
AMW Price: $2,690 (ON CONSIGNMENT)