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1976 Vega by Martin Bicentennial Banjo, #16 of 76, Limited Edition, V 76 - USED - SOLD



(USED) Here is a cool and collectable bluegrass banjo, built by Martin and branded as Vega in 1976.  The country was gripped with bicentennial fever, and the spirit of '76 inspired a great many collectables all over America... and ain't nothing more American than bluegrass music!

Far from being a mere gimmick, this is actually a very well made banjo with a substantial tone ring and a clean, airy sound.  It has a mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard, 13 inlaid stars to represent the original 13 colonies.  The mahogany resonator is double-bound and also has ornamental herringbone trim and an eagle inlay on the back.  

This is #16 of only 76 instruments made for the occasion, and there is a brass plate on the back of the peghead that reads as follows: 

"Bicentennial commemorative limited edition, Model V 76, This #16 of 76, Serial #1540"

Condition is EXCELLENT with no significant fret wear, a nice clean head, great playability and a hard case.  There is a bit of finish haze on the back of the resonator, but it is otherwise pristine.  

Serial #1540
AMW Price: $2,400 (Online checkout... on consignment, no trades!)

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