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1964 Gibson J45, Sitka Spruce, Mahogany, Ernie Hawkins Collection - USED - SOLD



(USED) We've been great friends and fans of Ernie Hawkins since long before we opened our shop, and it has been a joy over the years to hear his rousing renditions of tunes by Reverend Gary Davis, Lightnin' Hopkins, Big Bill Broonzy and more, almost always played on a great old Gibson.  Well, like many who have spent a lifetime playing guitar, Ernie turned around one day and decided there was just too many to take care of... so enter AMW, of course!

This J45 from 1964 has vibe to spare, and while it might not be the most collectible year for this model, this guitar has a whole lot going for it.  Thankfully it is completely original, the only modification being the removal of the adjustable saddle system, replaced with bone surrounded by rosewood.  This mod is extremely common on '60s Gibsons because it is generally agreed that the adjustable saddle ate up a lot of the tone and sustain.  Everything else is original and in quite good condition for a guitar approaching the 60 year mark!

The Sitka spruce top has a cherry sunburst that has faded to a nice orange color, almost what we would call an iced tea burst nowadays.  There is finish checking all over, but the top is thankfully crack-free and doesn't have any really heavy wear, save for a small area of chipping around the sound hole.  The back and sides have their share of scratches and finish checking, but no cracks and are a pleasing rust color.  

The mahogany neck is on the thin side, low profile, consistent with mid-late '60s Gibsons.  It has a narrow 1 5/8" nut and 2 1/8" string spacing at the saddle.  Short scale length comes in just over 24 5/8" and the neck angle is good.  Action is 3/32" on the bass side and 2/32" on the treble side at the 12th fret.  The frets are of the wide and flat variety (think Gibson Les Paul) with minimal wear.  Truss rod is functioning and it has the cover.  Original tuners still working just fine. 

Of note, there is a repaired headstock break on this guitar, it was very well done, hard to see and everything is nice and stable.  A couple dings on the back of the neck, but they don't seem to impede playing.  It appears that strap buttons were installed and removed in three different places, see pictures. 

The guitar has a lively bass and also a nice midrange chime, it has a folky-country kind of tone that singers will find great for vocal accompaniment.  It current lives in a non-original Gibson hard case, but feel free to inquire about upgrades/options.

Serial #207464 (1964)
AMW Price: $3,995 (Online checkout, ON CONSIGNMENT)

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