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1962 Martin D-18, Sitka Spruce, Mahogany, Ready To Go! - USED - SOLD



(USED) The D-18 would certainly reside on the Mt. Rushmore of bluegrass guitars, but heaven knows that we've seen them in the hands of players and singers of every stripe.  Once considered the "affordable" Martin dreadnought offering, over the years the D-18 has found its voice with players that love a dry, woody sound in a big guitar.  This 1962 model came to us earlier this year needing what we call "The Full Monty" and we were happy to make sure that everything possible be done to return this fine guitar to top playing condition.  

This guitar has a Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge.  Since coming into our care, it has had a neck reset, and bridge re-glue, and has been returned to factory specs.  Action with medium strings is 3/32" on the bass side 2/32" on the treble side at the 12th fret.  There is the ubiquitous pick guard crack running from the guard to front of the bridge (in line with the high E string) but it passes right over the X-brace and doesn't present inside the guitar.  The maple bridge plate is original and is in excellent shape.  Frets and tuners are also in remarkable condition, showing very little wear for their age.  There are plenty of nicks, dings and finish checks around the guitar, but structurally she's ready to rock!

The modified "V" neck profile is full but quite manageable.  The nut width comes in just under 1 11/16", so it is on the narrow side, common on instruments throughout the '60s.  The string spacing at the cut-through saddle is 2 5/32".  

At 3 lbs and 14 oz, it has the light-on-its-feet feel that a mahogany dread is supposed to have, and has the dried-out and focused tone that we expect from a straight-braced Martin from this era, stronger than average, certainly.  Price includes modern hardshell case. 

Serial #186614 (1962)
AMW Price: $6,695 (Online checkout, on consignment)

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