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1961 Gibson ES-125, Single Cut, Laminated Maple, P90s - USED


(USED) The ES-125 is a thinline alternative to the thicker ES-175, but its design gives it a welcome versatility and form factor.  This example from 1965 is in very nice condition, though it is not necessarily a museum piece.  It has laminated maple for the top, back and sides, and a very handsome pale cherry sunburst.  It has dogear P90 pickups, a trapeze tailpiece and appears to be completely original, save for the frets.  As it stands, there is some light fret wear, consistent but inoffensive finish checking all over, no cracks and almost no dings.  The rosewood fingerboard is in very good shape and the original tuners are working just fine!  Slim '60s neck with 1 11/16" nut and 2 1/16" string spacing at the saddle.  

The pots are a little stiff, and just a bit scratchy.  The action is a bit on the stiff side approaching the neck joint, reading a clear 4/32" at the octave fret.  This means that it might not be the best guitar for higher leads and bends, and might not be the most satisfying for jazzers who live above the 7th fret, but as a rock/blues machine it absolutely excels!  Between the two pickups, the tone knobs and the three switch positions, it has a really cool range of sounds, all performing equally well with no clear winner.  The neck position is warm, the bridge position is brighter but not harsh, and the middle position is a really nice (and useful) blend of the two.  

Offered as part of our 2024 Spring Cleaning sale because it is a piece of Vintage Cool that isn't collector-grade but has a ton to offer.  Includes modern Gator case in classic Gibson brown/pink.  

Serial #19166 (1961)
AMW Price: $3,895 (Online checkout, ON SALE)

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