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1947 Martin 00-21, Sitka Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood - USED


(USED) Remember when Martin had only made a couple million guitars?  Remember when they reached a million?  Well, this lovely 00-21 was built the year that they reached 100,000, then an absolute milestone for the legendary guitar company.  Importantly, Martin were still building them right at this time, and this guitar is the proof.  

The "21" series has always been popular with Martin fans because its appointments combine the austerity of their mahogany guitars with the transitional tonewood combination of Sitka spruce and Brazilian rosewood.  You'll find no arguments here, we love a good 12-fretter and the more Braz the better!  Excellent rosewood on this back, btw, nicely quartered and straight.  This guitar has a 1 13/16" nut, just over 2 1/4" string spacing at the saddle and is Martin's standard short scale of 24.9".  The mahogany neck has a modified "V" profile.  

With vintage guitars, it's all about condition, we know it all too well.  This instrument has had some repairs, some of which are easily observed and some of which we're making educated guesses about, based on how it is presenting.  Obvious: repaired pick guard crack, and repaired top crack from the bridge to the tail, some dings in the top but nothing scary.  Educated guessing: new ebony bridge and new saddle, new frets and potentially new ebony fingerboard.  Tuners appear original and work wonderfully.  Non-original hard case. 

The geometry of the guitar is great, it is set up very well and plays easy.  Almost 80 years in, it is as vibrant and musical as ever!

Serial #98555 (1947)
AMW Price: $8,995 (Online checkout, ON CONSIGNMENT)

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