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Kevin Kopp K-35T Thin Body, Torrefied Adirondack, Mahogany, Closet Relic - NEW

(NEW) We're sold on the concept that Mr. Kevin Kopp is a master of the Gibson-inspired domain, and even when he introduces something new like his thin-body K-35, it's going to be a winner every time.  

From the front, this K-35T looks a lot like Kevin's typical jumbo model: Adirondack spruce top, torrefied, with a lovely hand-rubbed sunburst.  It has mahogany back and sides, and it has a workmanlike aesthetic that feels just right.  Get it into your hands, though, and you might notice that the body depth is different, shallower.  At 3 3/8" heel depth and 4 1/8" tail depth, it's about 3/8" shallower overall vs a standard K-35.  That may not sound like much, but seasoned players know that everything matters, and believe us when we say that the comfort factor is more assertive on this guitar. 

How does this thin body approach affect the sound, you ask?  It still has Kopp's legendary low E string, rich and satisfying, but the whole sonic presentation has a certain balance and airiness to it that makes it stand out from other jumbos.  It hits our ears more like a rich SJ or mini jumbo model, able to present strumming, flatpicking and fingerpicking equally well.  Combined with Kevin's "Closet Relic" finish (straight off the gun, super-thin, lightly finish-checked to break the surface tension) everything is sounding VERY impressive coming off of this box! 

1 3/4" nut, 2 1/4" saddle spacing, short 24 5/8" scale length.  Madagascar rosewood fingerboard and bridge, bone nut, saddle and pins.  Thin, full-gloss lacquer finish.  Waverly tuners with ivoroid buttons.  Includes TKL hardshell case. 

Serial #0156524
AMW Price: $6,495 (Online checkout)

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