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1934 Gibson L4 Archtop, Spruce Top, Maple Back/Sides - USED


(USED) At 90 years young, this L4 is a very cool marker of where Gibson was at that time, emerging from being a mandolin-centric company to the legendary guitar manufacture that we all know and (sometimes) love today.  

The L4 is a 16" archtop guitar with round sound hole, trapeze tail piece and a short 25" scale length.  This one has a spruce top and maple back and sides, while the neck is mahogany with a hard V profile.  Nut width is just shy of 1 3/4" and the string spacing at the bridge is approximately 2 3/32".  

The condition is very good with a number of dings and scratches, consistent finish checking and no cracks.  The original pick guard is missing.  Some finish wear on the back of the neck.  The frets appear to have been leveled once or twice, are on the small/flat side but the guitar is playing very well.  Action is medium and the bridge is out of room on the wheels, but we don't find this one hard to play, it chunks out chords and rhythm nicely.  Includes hard case.  

AMW Price: $2,595 (Online checkout, ON CONSIGNMENT)

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