Collings UT2 TENOR Ukulele, Walnut, with Rope Purfling! – SOLD

(NEW) Well OK!  (Collings) has again decided to limit production of their ukuleles  with fewer custom options – but we will continue to get our share!

Speaking of our share, we need to share this: We are totally smitten with the look and the tone of this sweet new arrival, a custom UT2 of black walnut. A little warmer than mahogany, but brighter than koa, the soft walnut has a bit of overtone and nuance that one does not find on other ukes. Need another uke? Feeling frisky?  Explore WALNUT!DSC_0538DSC_0550

The walnut has a particulalry pleasing sound to us – eerily similar to the best mahogany with slightly more robust visually and tonally.

Ask for tenor uke #1585!

Serial #1585

MSRP: $2,350

AMW Price: $2,115 (SOLD C.I.)