(NEW) Collings UT-2 custom, mahogany with SPRUCE top and rope purfling! – SOLD

(NEW) Well OK!  More good stuff…(Collings) has again decided to limit production of their ukuleles, with fewer custom options, while they expand production of their new Waterloo guitar line – but we will continue to get our fair share -of ukuleles AND Waterloos, that is!

Speaking of our share, we should share this: Among our favorite ukulele styles from all builders have been mahogany ukes with SPRUCE tops. They can be a bit more percussive than hardwood-topped ukes (some say they sound a little more “guitar-esque”) but we just think the combination makes for a good and loud and punchy and warm sounding traditional ukulele – that may “look” a little guitar-esque.




Ask for tenor uke #1627!

Serial #1627

MSRP: $2,200

AMW Price: SOLD (JB)