Collings UT-1 Tenor ukulele, mahogany – SOLD

(NEW) Well OK!

We read recently where there is a “Folk Boom” and a “Ukulele Revival” going on.

Who Knew??

Well, I guess that kills it. As we like to say, once the mass media discovers something, that is usually a sign that it has already peaked and is in recession. Since we at AMW kind of live the “folk” thing every day and have been selling ukes since Hector was a pup, I guess we missed the initial memo about the Folk Boom, the Revival, the Renaissance, and the Craze. We’re more Pete Seeger and Carter Stanley and John Renbourn here than Mumford & Son (no offense to the Mums!)  but you get where we are coming from.

We tend to view Roots and Folk Music in a sacred continuum, rather than in pop-infused peaks and spurts….

Enough about that. While the five ukes per day selling craze may be over, the high end of the uke market, for discerning players, seems stronger than ever. Yes, the ukes are back!


To that end, we’ve just added two enormously fun base mode tenor ukuleles from the playful mind and talented hands of Bill Collings.


Ask for uke # 1612

MSRP: $1,600

AMW Price: $1,440  (SOLD)  (JP)