SOLD – (USED) Special Phoenix “Europa II” Neo-Classical mandolin with McIntyre Feather pickup – custom – SOLD

DSC_2252 (USED) Phoenix custom “Europa II” Neo-classical

We are HUGE fans of the NeoClassical model – as we are of all Phoenix mandolins, but we have to confess a special affection for this model. It is a truly unique offering in the mandolin world.  For our mandolin orchestra types and those of Celtic influence…..the charming and visceral NeoClassical Phoenix… This model is designed for light gauge strings (comes with Thomastik 154-K) and responds to a very light touch. The “NeoClassical” moniker may be slightly restrictive, as this mandolin covers so many bases, but is so light and exhuberantly musical that the well earned NeoClassical name has stuck. Don’t let that stop you from getting one to play Irish, old-time, Jazz (or anything other than Bluegrass I would say)

Now…THIS one is a very special incarnation “electric” version of the Neo-Classical, designated a “Europa II” model, and configured with a McIntyre Feather pickup, a Sound Port and end pin jack. You’ll also notice a very special UNICORN inlay on the ebony finger rest. This of you who know the history of the builder, Rolfe Gerhardt, recognize the unicorn reference. But more and MOST importantly, this mandolin has a special history. It was built for and donated to benefit the medical fund established for our dearly departed friend, Butch Baldassari. This mandolin was donated and purchased at silent auction during a benefit concert for Butch in Nashville.

Butch had performed here several times with our Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra and we greatly admired Butch as a teacher, arranger and performer…

  • Special Europa II Neo-Classical voicing and setup – an “electric-acoustic” NeoClassical, if you will…
  • McIntyre Feather pickup
  • Sound port on side of mandolin
  • Timeless Timber (old submerged maple) bridge base
  • gold tuners with black knobs
  • 1 3/16″ bone nut
  • Traditional cremona stain under the hybrid varnish finish
  • ONE-PIECE English Sycamore maple back, European Spruce top
  • older style (wood rectangular, handcrafted) Phoenix case

(USED) Serial # 485 (2008)  Excellent++ Condition

AMW Price: $3,175  –  SOLD (CP) 

DSC_2262 DSC_2244