SOLD – (USED) (2009) Collings MT2-V (Varnish) Mandolin, Wide Nut, Great Sound! – $3,600 – SOLD

(USED) Collings MT-2V VARNISH mandolin –

This clean second-hand ADIRONDACK SPRUCE spruce topped MT-2 has the added appeal of the wide (1 and 3/16″) nut width and the tonal advantage of the thin varnish finish.


Here is what Collings says about VARNISH:

***How does a varnish finish compare to a lacquer finish?
Varnish is a softer and therefore more flexible finish material. While there are subtle tonal advantages to the varnish finish, this option is not for everyone. Unlike lacquer, the process for applying varnish is not conducive to “finish touch-ups”, meaning that we cannot repair some minor imperfections such as small pinholes, bubbles, or sinks. While we’ve always taken pride in our high standard for fit and finish, we cannot produce varnish instruments to the level of cosmetic “perfection” as we can with our lacquer finish instruments. The varnish finish has a beautiful, rich luster, but may include very small imperfections when put under close examination.

Additionally, the softer finish is not as protective as the harder lacquer finish. The alkyd resin-based varnish finish is very slow to cure and can be relatively soft on new instruments. The finish will continue to harden as the instrument ages, but new varnish instruments can be vulnerable to scratches, dings, and imprinting. By its very nature, varnish can shrink, wrinkle, and/or dull over time and is not likely to maintain a “new” apperance as well as lacquer instruments. With that said, the varnish finish allows the instrument to vibrate more freely and can produce a more responsive instrument with a greater depth of tone.***

We are always amused when we hear Collings “apologize” for the flaws in their varnish instruments, as the flaws are barely discernible. What Collings spots as a flaw is what other companies can only hope for in their finest instruments.

Enough about that..


Here we’ve got a played (nicely opened up) clean used Collings MT-2V.


The mandolin is clean. It has been played but well cared for. There are no visible serious flaws, beyond normal scuffs and play wear, and maybe three or four light “dings” in the finish and just a hint (less than 10% of fret wear) and the sound is strong. It’s a REAL GOOD ‘un!

The wide nut makes it a joy to play, even with my old arthritic hands and sausage fingers. It is the perfect mandolin for you, if you enjoy fine things.

It’s the Collings MT2 – standard bound peg head with peg head flourish, ivoroid binding, nickel hardware, & bound ebony pick guard – (pick guard is standard on VARNISH mandolins, or $150 extra on “non-varnish” mandolins). It also has the wide nut (also a $150 option)

It has strong and full sound, with a highly figured maple back.

Serial #1937 (2009) with original Collings (TKL) hard case.

AMW Price: $3,600   ON CONSIGNMENT – (SOLD)