(USED, MINT) Collings 01 14-Fret, All Mahogany – SOLD

(USED, MINT) There are few things in life as enjoyable as these very sophisticated small Collings guitars. While one might expect these guitars to sound “small”, we find that everyone is surprised by their volume and their immense practicality as a “travel” instrument, as a couch instrument, a recording instrument and in many cases – a full replacement for a large guitar that has outlived its usefulness. As the Baby Boomer generation meanders into middle-age, its collective shoulder is getting sore. Lets face it, dreadnoughts and Jumbos are for younger men (and women) and most of us now realize that the best things for a living room are a fireplace, a good dog, and a great small guitar – like a Collings “O”. The classic 14-fret O, as we’ve spec’d this one, is built with the time tested combination using a matched set of Honduran mahogany for back, sides, and top – hence the name “Hog Top.” The we dolled it up with rope purfling – as our inner cow-poke spoke to us…

It is as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to. It is enjoyable on so many levels, it is a flatpicker’s guitar, a blues guitar, a “gal’s guitar”, a cowboy’s guitar, a strummer’s guitar, and a fingerstylist’s guitar for the parlor, porch, stage, stage-coach, or studio. If you can get there, it can keep up with you. It has a 1 and 3/4″ nut width, which folks seem to prefer, and that cool “pyramid” bridge option (2 and 3/16″ saddle)

Comes with TKL hardshell case.


This guitar is NOS and is being sold as USED, WITHOUT FACTORY WARRANTY.

Serial #21548
Normal AMW Price $4,160