SOLD – (NEW) Collings OM2HG Wenge, German Spruce – SOLD

(NEW) It’s hard to beat an Orchestra Model for all-around versatility, comfort and fullness of sound.  For 90 years or so players the world over have made this shape one of the most recognized and most popular, and some years it even outsells the mighty dreadnought.  It might be easy to think that there is nothing left to be done with such an iconic design, but oh, we beg to differ!

Collings does OMs right… full 25.5″ scale and impeccable string-to-string balance, with his signature midrange boost.  These guitars can do it all.  Rosewood OMs seem to be the most coveted, particularly with exotic back and side woods like Brazilian and Madagascar rosewood.  Since those woods are now in perilously short supply, we’ve had to start exploring alternatives, and we came on a doozy with Wenge.  Wenge is a central African hardwood that, while not technically a dalbergia, has an almost identical weight, density and taptone to Brazilian… at a much more reasonable price!  Wenge is easily obtainable, and every set that we’ve seen on a Collings guitar has been uniform in color and perfectly quartersawn.  The voice has the darkness of Braz but a more complex and focused overtone content than East Indian rosewood.  It’s GREAT.

We like our Wenge OMs with German spruce tops, for added tonal complexity and headroom.  This is a fine looking, quite white top with just a hint of bearclaw.

1 3/4″ nut with 2 3/16″ saddle spacing, herringbone top trim and zipper back strip, ivoroid body binding, Waverly tuners.  An exotic OM2H is within your reach.  Comes with TKL hardshell case.

Serial #25990
List Price: $5,525… AMW Price: SOLD (MF)

Financing available through AFFIRM when purchased via Reverb.com