(NEW) Collings Baby 2 – Custom Cocobolo – SOLD

So…let us turn our thoughts to some of the great questions of the Ages….

Can a guitar sound “big” and “small” at the same time?

Can a guitar be “warm” AND “bright” at the same time?

Can a guitar model referred to as a “Baby” serve as someone’s primary instrument?

Can one find happiness with JUST ONE guitar?

We think the answer to all of life’s questions, or at least THESE  questions is a resounding YES…….

*IF* the guitar in question happens to be a COCOBOLO Collings Baby.

A custom Collings Baby “2” Coco/E

The Cocobolo makes it big, bright, handsome and articulate. But the Baby stays sweet.

OK, maybe we should have said this:  1 and 11/16″ nut, 24 and 1/8″ scale length, 2 and 3/16″ saddle spacing on a pyramid bridge, tortoise binding, ROPE purfling, flourish on the peghead, WAVERLY tuners…

Serial # 27196
MSRP: $6,350… AMW Price: (SOLD) JT