SOLD – (NEW) Bishline Custom Walnut Heirloom – Wonderful New Banjo! – SOLD

(SOLD) Quickly becoming our favorite bluegrass banjo to get real creative with regard to custom features, we are proud to feature the Bishline brand from our pal Rob Bishline in Tulsa, OK.

Bishline Heirloom Video!

The fit and finish of these banjos rivals the finest (and costliest) instruments on the market and the tone is responsive, strong, musical, and versatile. The playability is unmatched. We simply cannot get enough of them.

This is a custom CLARO WALNUT Heirloom with a fast-playing radiused fretboard. It features a full polished glass-like gloss finish, 3-ply maple rim and Bishline’s best Pre-War specificiation flathead tone ring. The tone is all there. The playability is something special!

Note: Our outdoor photography picked up some glare and reflection from the aggregate in the concrete sidewalk on an extremely sunny day.There are some speckles or freckles on the head in the outdoor shots. Sun Spots?? Those are just photographic artifacts. Refer to the indoor photos for an accurate portrayal of the perfectly pristine banjo head! Thanks!

It looks fantastic. It sounds fantastic. It plays like butter…

Bishline custom Walnut Heirloom  SN # 1526

AMW Price: SOLD with Bishline case