(USED) Collings DS1A Custom – SOLD

(USED) OK…you know how we worship Collings D1A guitars. “The one to have when you are having only one.” Well, every now and then we run into someone who wishes a D1A had a little less bite and a little more snuggle, a little less cut and a little more hug, a little less fight and a little more love. These folks tend to play with fingers as often as flatpick, and they tend to sing more often, and their need to kill banjos is less critical. For these folks we often recommend the DS1A, a first cousin to the D1A. A guitar where the neck joins the body at the twelfth fret and the bridge resides in the middle of the lower bout and drives the lower frequencies all the way to Poughkeepsie. If you have ever said a D1A is “too big, too bad, too bright, too brittle, too this too that, maybe you should meet its cousin, the DS1A. The bigger bottomed D1A. This is a custom model with a solid headstock, a style three backstrip, and a 1 and 3/4″ nut width. It’s real good.

Serial #15949
List Price New: $5,750… AMW Price: SOLD

Financing available through AFFIRM when purchased via Reverb.com