SOLD – (NOS) Modern Case Co. F-Model Mandolin Cases – Nice!! – SOLD

We used to sell these fine cases – right up until the Modern Case Co. went out of business.

These American made, super-light and super-protective rigid foam cases were among our favorites. They really do offer a level of protection close to a fiberglass flight case, without the weight. They come with secure accessory pockets, a high quality handle, zipper closure and shoulder straps.

We were re-organizing our warehouse (perish the thought!!) and came upon two of these F-model cases. They have a little warehouse dust on them, but are otherwise just like new. If you remember these, then you know how good they are and how those other foam Ultra-lite cases with flimsy zippers and crummy latches and handles just don’t measure up.

Get one for a mandolin that you love, while you can!

(New, Old stock)  BOTH cases are SOLD 
AMW Price: $ 225 (plus shipping) (SOLD, J.R.)