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SOLD – (NEW) Stiver F Model Mandolin, Custom with Torrefied Red Spruce, Flowerpot Inlay – SOLD » Acoustic Music Works

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SOLD – (NEW) Stiver F Model Mandolin, Custom with Torrefied Red Spruce, Flowerpot Inlay – SOLD

(NEW) We are big fans of Stiver mandolins. Big fans.
They are among the finest instruments in the world, and we get excited whenever we get our hands on one.There is no more HONEST mandolin being made today as they are, one at a time, by hand, by our good friend Lou Stiver in central Pennsylvania.

Since the 500 or so Stiver mandolins out there pretty much speak for themselves, and Stiver mandolin owners tend to be some of the most contented and loyal and least likely to want to trade one away…we don’t see many used ones, and can never get enough, or keep for very long, anything with the Stiver name on the headstock.

Here is a another new one that is sure to fly out of here, and stay with the purchaser until he shuffles off this mortal coil.

You see, this one is a custom mandolin with a new trick up its sleeve. While Mr. Stiver is a VERY “traditional” sort of guy, he stays aware of new trends and technologies. This is the very first Stiver mandolin to feature TORREFIED ADIRONDACK (RED) SPRUCE. If you’ve been staying abreast of technical developments in stringed instruments over the last five years, you’d heard all about torrefied, “aged”, “baked”, or “thermo-cured” instrument woods that sound open, old, aged and fully broken in. It is the Instant gratification treatment for tone-wood.

So, let us admit that we are big fans of the torrefied Adirondack and Sitka spruce tops on our Collings and Bourgeois and Baleno and Huss & Dalton guitars and have also been impressed with the torrefied “VTS” (Vintage Tone Series) guitars from Martin.

Here’s a brief technical explanation of torrefaction for those so inclined.

Let us stipulate further that the torrefied Red spruce on this Stiver mandolin sounds very impressive – like a well broken in mandolin. It’s got the goods. If you’ve heard a well-played Stiver mandolin, any Stiver mandolin, you’ve heard the voice. This one’s got it, right out of the gate – it’s baked right in.

This one is serial # 366-5-17. It comes with a TKL rectangular arch top case. It features a compound radiused fretboard, a 1 and 1/8″ nut width, and a James tailpiece. It sounds great. It will not be here long….it will become someone’s favorite instrument.

SN# 366-5-17

MSRP: $6,195

AMW Price: $5,500 (SOLD T.R.)